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Decorative Concrete Overlay Ft Lauderdale

How Useful Decorative Concrete Overlay Is

Basically, decorative concrete is the use of concrete not only as a construction medium, but also as an aesthetic enhancement to structures while it still serves its function as a fundamental part of a building. Overlays have been performed back in the 60’s when chemical engineers of huge chemical companies before began experimenting with acrylic paint resins which would serve as modifiers for cement and sand mixes.

A decorative concrete overlay provides an existing worn out cement, but structurally sound concrete surfaces new life. A lot of companies have engineered several concrete overlay systems in order to give the exact blend in transforming blemished concrete into a fresh canvas. As a result, any type of imagined decorative concrete look can be achieved. One can simply take an interest in uniform color, natural stone texture, pattern or a contemporary concrete stain. Concrete overlays can be applied in areas such as walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways, interiors and exteriors as well as residential and commercial projects.

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One type of concrete overlay is the polymer cement overlay. It was originally intended for use as a thin surface restoration material for concrete substrates. It was in the 80’s that this was introduced into the industries of architectural concrete and commercial flooring. A lot of people have used it because it is very economical. It provides a long term, durable renovation without requiring costly and continuous repairs.

Another type of concrete overlay is the use of architectural limestone concrete coatings. It produces a unique natural appearance, eliminating the need to tear out and re-pour concrete. Hence, the costs and inconveniences associated with removal can be avoided. This can be applied over on various surfaces which include brick, cinder block, concrete, foam, precast moldings and a lot more. You can always change the look of the surfaces into the newest updated designer finish. The combination of custom carving along with a mixture of oxides and stains in providing options resorted to the most authentic looking decorative overlay at the present time.

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On the other hand, the acrylic spray texture coating type of concrete overlay is capable of providing protection against environmental pollutants, salts and weather condition that will result in a maintenance friendly coating solution. It is a spray-textured coating which is sprayed and not trowelled. Thus, it leaves an “orange peel” effect. It can be applied directly to existing surfaces of concrete. With its texture and acrylic properties, it provides a surface that is skid resistant, which is extremely ideal for high-traffic areas.

The handcrafted textured overlay is achieved by trowelling by hand the concrete overlay which leaves a customized texture of high and low areas. The need for a thicker application of product to be added in order to create a deeper texture and design elements is avoided. Such texture effect provides a European elegance one desire, but with an investment that is extremely affordable.