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Concrete Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is the process of bringing back the original appearance of concrete by repair work. Restoring concrete can be applied to varied settings like the restoration of concrete in homes, city streets and sidewalks. The repair and restoration of concrete results in surfaces that look the way they did when the structure was first constructed.

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To Repair or Restore

Repair is an integral part of restoring concrete but it cannot be confused with restoration. Repair work usually does not involve making the structure more pleasant to the eye; it is mainly about making it useable again. Concrete repair on a wall would mean the cracks or holes are filled in but the patchwork will still be visible. Of course, the wall becomes strong once more but its original appearance is not brought back.

Restoration is Repair on a Higher Plane

Restoration of concrete will patch up the damage as well, but the whole area is also given the finishing work it needs to make it look the way it did when it was new. The imperfections are concealed, making the damage invisible. The result will give the impression that the whole structure is new, as if it was torn down and the floor, wall or sidewalk was just constructed.

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Advantages of Restoration

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having concrete restored is the cost. Concrete restoration is a lot more affordable than constructing a whole new structure. As long as the structure is still safe and stable, it can still be restored. Cracks, blemishes, spalling, and discoloration are not reason enough to tear down the structure and construct a new one. Restoring concrete is a more practical choice rather than spending too much money on what is still functional. Indeed, there is no need to replace a structure that still works.

Another advantage to the restoration of concrete is time; the work does not take as long to complete compared to new construction. You do not need to have the old structure ripped off or demolished, a job that would take a considerable amount of time. Just imagine two structures, one being restored and the other a new construction. Time for setting and drying is all that is needed for the restoration to be finished, while the other would still be in the initial stages. The structure will be usable much earlier than the new one which can cause a great inconvenience.

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The term is very broad so when it comes to the restoration of concrete, any concrete surface can be restored. Whether the structure is a home, an office building, public area or a mall. Anything that is made of concrete can be restored, even the size will not matter. Inner walls, or outer walls, floors, walkways, patios, driveways, they can all be restored. There are concrete repair products available at hardware stores which you can use at home.

For bigger structures and major restoration projects, it is best to hire contractors. Patching up holes and cracks can be done by just about anyone, but if you are looking for professional results, it is wiser to use concrete restoration specialists.