Choosing the Right Decorative Concrete Overlay in Palm Beach

If you have noticed extensive deep cracks or sunken concrete in your home, it might be necessary to seek the help of a professional contractor in determining whether the original concrete should be repaired or replaced. Well, if the damage can still be salvaged, decorative concrete overlay could be a very cost effective method in order to cover significant blemishes and flaws. Moreover, such method will dramatically change the appearance of both indoor and outdoor concrete areas. You’ll get to spend less through this rather than total removal and replacement.

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Concrete overlays are known to be versatile from both aesthetic and a functional perspective, hence, it is usually used in many applications. This is to protect and maintain the slab surfaces of your pavement or concrete. Decorative concrete overlays on patios, driveways and floors can be a cost effective way in achieving a new and appealing decorative surface. You can always opt for a stamped overlay to cover an existing surface rather than make a total floor renovation. As a result, you have radically and beautifully transformed that plain, worn and gray concrete with practical unlimited contemporary finish options.

Stamped decorative concrete overlays for driveways are designed to appear similar to flagstone, cobblestone, slate and numerous other popular materials and configurations. These are viable and economical solutions to achieve the desired façade. Since concrete is the most frequently used standard material for patios, courtyards and driveways, stamped overlay has become a growing trend in design accents in order to obtain maximum visual impact.

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On the other hand, spray-down decorative concrete overlays can be ideal for exterior concrete patio overlays or interior concrete floor overlays. With the use of an air-powered sprayer, this type of finish style is uniformly sprayed into the concrete to have a flowing and even finish. If you prefer a textured or non-slip surface, there are different spray products available which can be applied using a hopper or other spray equipment that is applicable. You can hire a highly skilled professional concrete contractor, if you wish to achieve a one-of-a-kind custom design along with embossed motifs, tile patterns and other creative designs.

Self-leveling overlays may be necessary if your main intention is to repair or restore the damaged concrete surfaces. Such type proves to be the most convenient for fast and minimal labor. It is also used to prepare for leveling an area where tile, wood, carpet or other surface flooring material is to be applied. Professional installers use this method when they employ inlays, engraved designs or dyes. Once you have chosen which type of decorative concrete overlays fit your home, you will certainly revive the structural integrity of the surface structure and have an added wow factor as well.