DIY Concrete Cleaning Palm Beach

Because they are durable and versatile, concrete is still a top option among homeowners. This kind of flooring is also becoming popular among offices and other commercial establishments. Concrete floors, unlike the more expensive floorings such as granite and marble, only require minimal maintenance. Moreover, concrete cleaning only usually requires sweeping it and mopping it with damp cloth.

Concrete floors do not have to be boring and dull like those you see on industrial buildings, because today, these floorings can be stained and stamp with different designs. You can be creative with your concrete floor to match the design of your interiors. You may also opt to have your concrete floor to be simple, plain yet shiny.

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To make your concrete floors last for several years, proper maintenance is required. You can clean your concrete on your own, but you still need to hire the services of professional concrete cleaners for thorough cleaning and repair. To clean your concrete, here are some simple DIY tips to keep your floor on its tip-top shape:

1. Sweep and vacuum your concrete floor regularly.

This is one of the easiest ways for you to keep your floor shiny and clean. Dust and dirt can still collect on your floor even if it does not have any pores and fibers. Dust and dirt can affect your floor’s shine and appearance, so better sweep and vacuum the floor at least once a week.

Clean Concrete Floors  Cleaning Concrete Floors

2. Use a damp mop to further remove debris and stain.

There will still be dust and dirt particles left after you sweep and vacuum your concrete floor, so the best way to remove this is by using a damp mop. The best mop head you can use is the one made from cotton to avoid scratches on your floor. Moreover, make sure that you only use proper cleaning solutions; there are commercially available floor cleaners or you can use a mild detergent. Avoid mixing other chemicals, such as acids and chlorine as these may cause discolorations on your concrete floors.

concrete cleaning tips  Concrete Floor Cleaning

3. Dry your concrete floor well

After mopping with a damp cloth, make sure that you allow your floor to dry, either through air or wiping it with a dry cloth. Do not put furniture on top of the wet floor. Moisture on the floor can cause molds and mildew to form and stain your concrete.

4. Use detergent powder to remove stains.

Slight wet the area of the floor with water. Sprinkle detergent powder on it and leave it for 10 minutes. Scrub the stain off using a brush with soft bristles. Repeat the process until you have finally removed the stubborn stain.

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These are just simple ways on how you can maintain your concrete floors. If problem arises that are beyond your control, do not attempt to fix this. Just call and get the services of professionals. These professionals can do thorough concrete cleaning and remove the most stubborn stains. They can also make your floor shinier and do necessary repairs.