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Decorative Concrete Overlay Ft Lauderdale

How Useful Decorative Concrete Overlay Is

Basically, decorative concrete is the use of concrete not only as a construction medium, but also as an aesthetic enhancement to structures while it still serves its function as a fundamental part of a building. Overlays have been performed back in the 60’s when chemical engineers of huge chemical companies before began experimenting with acrylic paint resins which would serve as modifiers for cement and sand mixes.

A decorative concrete overlay provides an existing worn out cement, but structurally sound concrete surfaces new life. A lot of companies have engineered several concrete overlay systems in order to give the exact blend in transforming blemished concrete into a fresh canvas. As a result, any type of imagined decorative concrete look can be achieved. One can simply take an interest in uniform color, natural stone texture, pattern or a contemporary concrete stain. Concrete overlays can be applied in areas such as walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways, interiors and exteriors as well as residential and commercial projects.

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One type of concrete overlay is the polymer cement overlay. It was originally intended for use as a thin surface restoration material for concrete substrates. It was in the 80’s that this was introduced into the industries of architectural concrete and commercial flooring. A lot of people have used it because it is very economical. It provides a long term, durable renovation without requiring costly and continuous repairs.

Another type of concrete overlay is the use of architectural limestone concrete coatings. It produces a unique natural appearance, eliminating the need to tear out and re-pour concrete. Hence, the costs and inconveniences associated with removal can be avoided. This can be applied over on various surfaces which include brick, cinder block, concrete, foam, precast moldings and a lot more. You can always change the look of the surfaces into the newest updated designer finish. The combination of custom carving along with a mixture of oxides and stains in providing options resorted to the most authentic looking decorative overlay at the present time.

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On the other hand, the acrylic spray texture coating type of concrete overlay is capable of providing protection against environmental pollutants, salts and weather condition that will result in a maintenance friendly coating solution. It is a spray-textured coating which is sprayed and not trowelled. Thus, it leaves an “orange peel” effect. It can be applied directly to existing surfaces of concrete. With its texture and acrylic properties, it provides a surface that is skid resistant, which is extremely ideal for high-traffic areas.

The handcrafted textured overlay is achieved by trowelling by hand the concrete overlay which leaves a customized texture of high and low areas. The need for a thicker application of product to be added in order to create a deeper texture and design elements is avoided. Such texture effect provides a European elegance one desire, but with an investment that is extremely affordable.

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Choosing the Right Decorative Concrete Overlay in Palm Beach

If you have noticed extensive deep cracks or sunken concrete in your home, it might be necessary to seek the help of a professional contractor in determining whether the original concrete should be repaired or replaced. Well, if the damage can still be salvaged, decorative concrete overlay could be a very cost effective method in order to cover significant blemishes and flaws. Moreover, such method will dramatically change the appearance of both indoor and outdoor concrete areas. You’ll get to spend less through this rather than total removal and replacement.

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Concrete overlays are known to be versatile from both aesthetic and a functional perspective, hence, it is usually used in many applications. This is to protect and maintain the slab surfaces of your pavement or concrete. Decorative concrete overlays on patios, driveways and floors can be a cost effective way in achieving a new and appealing decorative surface. You can always opt for a stamped overlay to cover an existing surface rather than make a total floor renovation. As a result, you have radically and beautifully transformed that plain, worn and gray concrete with practical unlimited contemporary finish options.

Stamped decorative concrete overlays for driveways are designed to appear similar to flagstone, cobblestone, slate and numerous other popular materials and configurations. These are viable and economical solutions to achieve the desired façade. Since concrete is the most frequently used standard material for patios, courtyards and driveways, stamped overlay has become a growing trend in design accents in order to obtain maximum visual impact.

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On the other hand, spray-down decorative concrete overlays can be ideal for exterior concrete patio overlays or interior concrete floor overlays. With the use of an air-powered sprayer, this type of finish style is uniformly sprayed into the concrete to have a flowing and even finish. If you prefer a textured or non-slip surface, there are different spray products available which can be applied using a hopper or other spray equipment that is applicable. You can hire a highly skilled professional concrete contractor, if you wish to achieve a one-of-a-kind custom design along with embossed motifs, tile patterns and other creative designs.

Self-leveling overlays may be necessary if your main intention is to repair or restore the damaged concrete surfaces. Such type proves to be the most convenient for fast and minimal labor. It is also used to prepare for leveling an area where tile, wood, carpet or other surface flooring material is to be applied. Professional installers use this method when they employ inlays, engraved designs or dyes. Once you have chosen which type of decorative concrete overlays fit your home, you will certainly revive the structural integrity of the surface structure and have an added wow factor as well.

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Concrete Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is the process of bringing back the original appearance of concrete by repair work. Restoring concrete can be applied to varied settings like the restoration of concrete in homes, city streets and sidewalks. The repair and restoration of concrete results in surfaces that look the way they did when the structure was first constructed.

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To Repair or Restore

Repair is an integral part of restoring concrete but it cannot be confused with restoration. Repair work usually does not involve making the structure more pleasant to the eye; it is mainly about making it useable again. Concrete repair on a wall would mean the cracks or holes are filled in but the patchwork will still be visible. Of course, the wall becomes strong once more but its original appearance is not brought back.

Restoration is Repair on a Higher Plane

Restoration of concrete will patch up the damage as well, but the whole area is also given the finishing work it needs to make it look the way it did when it was new. The imperfections are concealed, making the damage invisible. The result will give the impression that the whole structure is new, as if it was torn down and the floor, wall or sidewalk was just constructed.

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Advantages of Restoration

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having concrete restored is the cost. Concrete restoration is a lot more affordable than constructing a whole new structure. As long as the structure is still safe and stable, it can still be restored. Cracks, blemishes, spalling, and discoloration are not reason enough to tear down the structure and construct a new one. Restoring concrete is a more practical choice rather than spending too much money on what is still functional. Indeed, there is no need to replace a structure that still works.

Another advantage to the restoration of concrete is time; the work does not take as long to complete compared to new construction. You do not need to have the old structure ripped off or demolished, a job that would take a considerable amount of time. Just imagine two structures, one being restored and the other a new construction. Time for setting and drying is all that is needed for the restoration to be finished, while the other would still be in the initial stages. The structure will be usable much earlier than the new one which can cause a great inconvenience.

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The term is very broad so when it comes to the restoration of concrete, any concrete surface can be restored. Whether the structure is a home, an office building, public area or a mall. Anything that is made of concrete can be restored, even the size will not matter. Inner walls, or outer walls, floors, walkways, patios, driveways, they can all be restored. There are concrete repair products available at hardware stores which you can use at home.

For bigger structures and major restoration projects, it is best to hire contractors. Patching up holes and cracks can be done by just about anyone, but if you are looking for professional results, it is wiser to use concrete restoration specialists.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay Miami

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Decorative Concrete Overlay is the most economical way of bringing back the luster of your old dilapidated concrete floors. The good thing is, you can also make your dreams complete by doing the same with your walling. Decorative Concrete overlay is the product of the imagination of artistic engineering works. You can even do it yourself or you can ask the contractor to design whatever artistry that you have in mind.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay is an option to strengthen the foundation of your floor instead of removing the whole flooring. It is compared to a beauty surgeon’s “face-lift” and transplanting procedure to give your face a new look by copying somebody else’s good looking face. This also applies to decorative concrete overlay. It will remove all the ugly looks of a worn out floor. Dull floors seem to lessen the energy of the people living inside not only at home, but in working areas as well.

You can copy a bunch of decorative concrete overlay designs available in your area or you can search online for more innovative designs to meet your delicate taste. If you plan to make your own decorative concrete overlay, you may ask the assistance of the concrete supplier about the proper procedures and mixtures to achieve the best results in making decorative concrete overlay.

With the advent of new technology, there are more state-of-the-art creations that you can choose with, from floor to wall decorative concrete overlay designs. This type of method is cheaper compared to painstakingly grind the original top surface of your floor to bring back the smoothness of your flooring. Choose decorative concrete overlay and make the most of it. You may opt for the thin polymer modified concrete finish for lesser expenses and lesser cost.

Manufacturers of decorative concrete overlay designs usually have a ready mixed concrete with all the necessary ingredients combined to make the new look not only fabulous but more durable as well. Select a decorative concrete overlay with a blend of acrylics for excellent bonding and UV protection.

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As you can see, this method is more practical and time saving. To make your decorative concrete overlay long lasting, it would be best to apply sealants for finishing touches on the top surface to avoid liquid penetration such as stains and dyes. Just in case, you may clean the affective area with mild detergent over a bucket of clean water to protect the top coating of your decorative concrete overlay. Psychologically, there is a change of character in every human by their way of living with a clean surrounding. It will give a new look to your surroundings, giving your home a more pleasant ambience and full of hope.

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DIY Concrete Cleaning Palm Beach

Because they are durable and versatile, concrete is still a top option among homeowners. This kind of flooring is also becoming popular among offices and other commercial establishments. Concrete floors, unlike the more expensive floorings such as granite and marble, only require minimal maintenance. Moreover, concrete cleaning only usually requires sweeping it and mopping it with damp cloth.

Concrete floors do not have to be boring and dull like those you see on industrial buildings, because today, these floorings can be stained and stamp with different designs. You can be creative with your concrete floor to match the design of your interiors. You may also opt to have your concrete floor to be simple, plain yet shiny.

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To make your concrete floors last for several years, proper maintenance is required. You can clean your concrete on your own, but you still need to hire the services of professional concrete cleaners for thorough cleaning and repair. To clean your concrete, here are some simple DIY tips to keep your floor on its tip-top shape:

1. Sweep and vacuum your concrete floor regularly.

This is one of the easiest ways for you to keep your floor shiny and clean. Dust and dirt can still collect on your floor even if it does not have any pores and fibers. Dust and dirt can affect your floor’s shine and appearance, so better sweep and vacuum the floor at least once a week.

Clean Concrete Floors  Cleaning Concrete Floors

2. Use a damp mop to further remove debris and stain.

There will still be dust and dirt particles left after you sweep and vacuum your concrete floor, so the best way to remove this is by using a damp mop. The best mop head you can use is the one made from cotton to avoid scratches on your floor. Moreover, make sure that you only use proper cleaning solutions; there are commercially available floor cleaners or you can use a mild detergent. Avoid mixing other chemicals, such as acids and chlorine as these may cause discolorations on your concrete floors.

concrete cleaning tips  Concrete Floor Cleaning

3. Dry your concrete floor well

After mopping with a damp cloth, make sure that you allow your floor to dry, either through air or wiping it with a dry cloth. Do not put furniture on top of the wet floor. Moisture on the floor can cause molds and mildew to form and stain your concrete.

4. Use detergent powder to remove stains.

Slight wet the area of the floor with water. Sprinkle detergent powder on it and leave it for 10 minutes. Scrub the stain off using a brush with soft bristles. Repeat the process until you have finally removed the stubborn stain.

concrete staining & polishing

These are just simple ways on how you can maintain your concrete floors. If problem arises that are beyond your control, do not attempt to fix this. Just call and get the services of professionals. These professionals can do thorough concrete cleaning and remove the most stubborn stains. They can also make your floor shinier and do necessary repairs.

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Concrete Cleaning Service Miami

Cleaning Concrete

Concrete flooring worn out easily when it has rough finish or unpolished. The reason is that it has the tendency to chip, crack and get scratched, which makes it look horrible, especially when it is being contaminated due to moisture content being absorbed from the surface of the floor. This will create a haven for bacteria and black molds which could lead to air pollution and allergen reaction among humans, thus cleaning your concrete floor must be considered seriously.

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Cleaning your concrete floor and countertops can be done in a simple way when it has undergone concrete polishing. Concrete polishing is done by using mechanical grinders with matching diamond-grit resin pads in different sizes to meet the desired smoothness and sheen. During the process, you need to clean any extra deposits within the cracks and treat it with pesticides. After application, cover the cracks with sealants and densify by using pads. This will harden the concrete surface.

concrete-overlays (35)Densifying the concrete floor is very relevant specifically in your garage and the kitchen floor or in places where it is open for people to pass everyday such as malls and restaurants as well as auto shops and warehouses. For finishing touches, you can apply stain-resistant wax for protection. Take note that you need the professional advice of the manufacturers of the grinder for information and proper guidance or read the instructions carefully before operating the said equipment. Always try to follow the procedures for proper disposal of your waste products too.

Densifying the concrete floor is very relevant specifically in your garage and the kitchen floor or in places where it is open for people to pass everyday such as malls and restaurants as well as auto shops and warehouses. For finishing touches, you can apply stain-resistant wax for protection. Take note that you need the professional advice of the manufacturers of the grinder for information and proper guidance or read the instructions carefully before operating the said equipment. Always try to follow the procedures for proper disposal of your waste products too.

When there are lots of people coming to and fro, it needs a lot of concrete cleaning and you need manpower to finish the job on time. With a well-polished concrete flooring, cleaning your concrete can be done easily in lesser time. It is low-maintenance too. All you need to do is scrub/washing the floor with mild soap and water or other liquid products that are not harmful to the environment.

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For voluminous job, you can use a washer with pressure machine and let it dry by using dryers or floor mops. Next, apply a follow up liquid wax and let it bring back its gloss by scrubbing your concrete floor with an electric floor polisher. With polished concrete floors, you may do your concrete cleaning once a week. You will not only save time and energy, but rather you will also save consistent expenses in buying harder solution for stain removals and hard scrubbing.

Bear in mind that good maintenance will prolong the durability of your concrete floors for many years. Further, you will have peace of mind that you have a clean and healthy environment not only to your family but also among your friends and clients.

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